Google Repairs in Florida

Cracked Screen, Charger Port Issue & Water Damage! We can fix it all

Google Phone Repair

Bring your Google Pixel phone to one of our Florida locations and we’ll repair it for you by our trained technicians.

We can fix just about anything on your Google device including cracked screens, water damage, worn or damaged charging ports, and battery replacement.

Google Cracked Screen Repair

You drop your Google Pixel and the screen cracks and is basically unusable.

Not to worry, we can repair and replace your Google Pixel cracked screen quickly and affordably. We also offer a warranty on all of our repairs.

Google Water Damage

Water damage is the leading cause of phone failure.  If you’ve ever dropped your phone in the sink, spilled water on it, or taken it in the shower, you know that water damage can be a real pain.

We offer a fast and affordable Google Pixel water damage repair service that will have your phone looking and working like new again.

Google Battery Replacements

Has your Pixel been charged one too many times, or the battery is just worn out and won’t hold a charge anymore?

We replace Google phone batteries on-site in Ponte Vedra or St Augustine locations.

Google Charger Port Repairs

You love your Google Pixel, but the charging port is busted and you don’t know what to do.

This means that you can’t use your phone when it’s most important. You might even have to go out and buy a new one.

We repair Google Pixel charging ports so you can get recharging again quickly and easily. We also offer a warranty on all of our repairs, so you can be sure that your phone is in good hands.