Apple iPhone Repair in Florida

Cracked Screen, Charger Port Issue & Water Damage! We can fix it all

iPhone and iPad Repairs

iphone repairHaving reliable technology is critical for everyone, and when our technology breaks or malfunctions, this is sometimes as painful as a broken toe! Tech Hospital repairs almost all electronic devices, from a cracked phone screen to a water-damaged tablet or laptop. Over the past 8 years we’ve seen it all 🙂 and we understand how traumatic it is when your technology fails! We have the very latest in tools and parts and we possess the experience to get the job done right- first time, often while you wait! Our goal is to have every guest leave happier than when they walk in!

When you come in for a repair, we always start with a diagnostic assessment, so we can give you the best recommendation for your device. Whether it’s a broken screen, swollen battery, or you dumped your entire bottle of Kombucha onto your laptop, we got your back.

iPhone Cracked Screen Repair

Dropping your phone and watching the screen shatter into a million pieces is one of the most frustrating things ever. Not only does your phone look like it’s been through a trash compactor, but using it now feels like you’re trying to type with boxing gloves on. You can’t even begin to think about how much this is going to cost to repair.

We understand that accidents happen, which is why we offer a quick and easy iPhone and iPad cracked screen repair or replacement service. Our team of experts will have your device looking good as new in no time, and for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

iPhone Water Damage

You go to use your iPhone as usual when you notice it’s a little bit wet. You panic and try to dry it out the best you can, but it doesn’t work. Now your device is completely dead and you have no idea what to do.

This has happened to all of us at one point or another. We drop our phone in water, get caught in the rain, or spill something on it and suddenly our device is fried.

Bring your water-damaged iPhone or iPad into Tech Hospital and we will repair it for you quickly and affordably. 

Iphone Water Damage

iPhone Charger Port Repairs

Your iPhone or iPad charger port is loose or damaged and your device won’t take a charge. Not being able to charge your device can mean not being able to use it at all.

We repair your damaged or worn out iPhone or iPad charger port to get it back to new. With our fast, affordable service, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

iPhone Battery Replacements

Is your iPhone or iPad battery is dead and you don’t have time to wait? You’re out of juice and your phone is about to die. You don’t want to miss that call, or worse, be without your phone when there’s an emergency.

Bring your device in for a quick battery replacement on-site.